Enzymes used in textile industry

March 15, 2017
Anti Elasticity - Loss Enzymes

The use of enzymes in textile industry is one of the most rapidly growing field in industrial enzymology. The enzymes used in the textile field are amylases, catalase, and laccase which are used to removing the starch, degrading excess hydrogen peroxide, bleaching textiles and degrading lignin. The use of enzymes in the textile chemical processing is rapidly gaining globally recognition because of their non-toxic and eco-friendly characteristics with the increasinly important requirements for textile manufactures to reduce pollution in textile production. The application of cellulases for denim finishing and lactases for decolourization of textile effluents and textile bleaching are the most recent commercial advances. The use of enzyme technology is attractive because enzymes are highly specific and efficient, and work under mild conditions. Furthermore, the use of enzymes results in reduced process times, energy and water savings, improved product quality and potential process integration. The aim i to provide the textile technologist with an understanding of enzymes and their use with textile materials.

Source: www.researchgate.net
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