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December 29, 2016
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Textiles whose raw material originates from man-made fibre are manufactured through several complex processes. From polymer spinning of raw fibres up to the final finished product, several surfactants or derivatives are required in each of such processes. And because each process may require a different function, such surfactants or derivatives must have the versatility to match contradictory requirements.
Our company offers products which cover the entire textile value chain from polymer spinning through sizing, scouring to final finishing of textile products.

Spin finishes for extrusion spinning, textile spinning and functional surface treatment of fibres.

In the production of man made fibres, from polymer extrusion spinning of raw fibres up to the processing of such fibres into end products, our spin finishes are well designed and test-proved to cope with the requirements of production and conversion of such fibres into textile products in a fashion that meets all requirements of each individual process.
Using our latest technology, we offer our fibre surface treatment products and spin finishes which are of such value addition and functionality to such highly functional products like carbon fibre and non woven fibre. In applications as sensitive as life-saving artificial dialysis, the pores which are created in the fibre structure in the hollow fibres used for the device are developed using our chemical. We are set to remain a trusted partner in the research, development, and delivery of products which are appreciated by our customers.

Sizing chemicals for weaving

In filament yarn weaving, whether it is water jet loom or air jet loom, high speed is the norm. Our sizing chemical for filament yarn weaving delivers that much sufficient lubrication and protection against abrasion so that maximum weaving efficiency is attained.
Similarly, in spun yarn sizing, our one-shot compact size is ready made allowing economy on the storage and inventory controls. One size fits all type of sizing chemical is available.

Knitting and weaving lubricants

Due to friction, tension and pressure, yarn in knitting or weaving may undergo damage, or yarn itself can cause abrasion to certain sensitive parts of the machine such as reeds in weaving or needles in knitting. Our yarn lubricating oils are proven in ensuring a problem-free process thus contributing to maximum knitting or weaving efficiency at no compromise with quality.

Scouring agents and detergents

A textile product may carry different chemicals on its fibre surface as it travels through different processing phases. For example, the lubricating oils which are added during knitting or weaving must be scoured and removed from the textile product. Such de-treating by deterging or scouring must not be at the expense of a dearly obtained product quality. Our scouring agents are carefully designed to properly de-oil yarn surface.

Dyeing and processing auxiliaries

In response to the trend for high color fastness and more stringent quality demands on textile products over the recent past, we have utilized our original surfactant technology to develop and deliver dyeing auxiliaries such as leveling-soaping agents, softening agents, and de-oligomerization agents.
Besides, as textile processing agents, a part from regular dip-type softeners which are derived from fats and silicones, we also offer products which are made to match the differentiated characteristics of functional textiles. Mainly, we offer moisture management (water or sweat transporters) agents, antistatic agents, water repellent finishing agents, anti-soiling agents, flame-retardants, and anti-light-fastness agents.

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