Industry textile

June 2, 2022
The American Textile

Non-wovens: The end use markets for non-wovens are classified as either disposable or durables. The disposable end use markets are made up of product categories such as absorbent hygiene, wipes, filtration, medical and surgical and protective apparel, while the durable end use markets are comprised of geosynthetics, home and office furnishings, transportation, building construction and other durables. Nonwovens are being used to make products lighter, more efficient, and cost effective. More and more of these lighter and longerlasting non-wovens are being introduced in a variety of fields including packaging and autos.

Specialty and Industrial Fabrics: Specialty and industrial fabrics serve an array of markets, everything from awnings to auto airbags. As the U.S. specialty fabric business has continued to grow, some areas are seeing rapid advancement, for example, the base fabric used in road construction, erosion control, and spoil containment in landfills. Automotive textiles represent the most valuable world market for industrial textiles. These materials cover a broad range of applications, including upholstery and seating, floor covering and trunk liners, as well as safety belts, airbags, thermal and sound insulators, filters, hoses, tires and a variety of textile-reinforced flexible and hard composites.

Medical Textiles: Medical textiles are one of the most important, continuously expanding and growing fields in technical textiles. The medical textile industry has been improving existing products and creating new ones with new materials and innovative designs. Some of these new products are being designed for lessinvasive surgical procedures, infection control, and accelerated healing.

Protective Apparel: North America emerged as the leading regional market for industrial protective apparel and accounted for over half of the total market volume in 2013. Stringent regulatory guidelines coupled with high levels of safety awareness in the industry are expected to drive the regional market growth over the next six years.

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