Sewing machine Materials

July 6, 2014
Hand sewing needles: The
  • Scissors
  • It's possible to use non-sewing scissors for sewing, but you will make your life much easier by using scissors that are specific to your project. General sewing scissors used for cutting fabric have a handle aligned with the blade so that you can keep the scissors even while cutting through the fabric, which prevents jagged cuts. Pinking shears are another type of scissors used in sewing because their edges prevent woven fabrics from fraying and give a finished look to fabric. The third kind of tool use to cut fabric is the rotary cutter (found here). The rotary cutter uses a blade to cut easily and smoothly through fabric. It is excellent to use in all projects, but especially for quilting. You need a rubber cutting mat and a rotary ruler for when you're using a rotary cutter to prevent the rotary cutter from cutting into the surface of the table and to keep the line you're cutting straight. It's important to keep sewing shears sharp because dull shears will lead to uneven cuts, pulling of the fabric and tired hands.
  • Thread
  • Thread is available in a rainbow of colors, including clear. For most sewing machines you'll need a spool of thread that looks like this (the cone shaped threads are for a different kind of machine called a serger).When picking out thread, if you're trying to match it exactly to the fabric color you should remember that thread looks lighter once it is sewn.
  • Bobbins
  • Your machine probably comes with a few bobbins, but if it does not you'll have to buy them at the fabric store.
  • Measuring tape and/or a ruler
  • Measuring tape used for sewing is softer than that used for construction projects so that it cn be used to fit clothing to the body. A ruler can also helpful when doing specific seam lengths.
  • Needles
  • A sewing machine requires different needles than those used for hand-sewing; machine needles have a larger, blunter tip where they fit into the machine. Different types of needles are used on different kinds of projects, but all-purpose sewing needles are sold. For more information about the types of needles, this article takes an in-depth look at the structure of a needle and the different kinds that are produced.
  • Fabric
  • Pins
  • Pins are used to hold fabric together where it's supposed to be sewn and to adjust fit during alterations. Similar to needles, there are pointed heads for general woven fabrics and ballpoint pins for knit fabrics, although the pointed pins work fine in general.
  • Pincushion
  • Useful for keeping pins in order. Often takes the shape of an apple, pumpkin or tomato. I recommend the kind that attaches to your wrist because when pinning fabric it's important to be able to reach the pins easily. Magnetic pincushions are very helpful in gathering up stray pins from the floor or your workspace.
  • Iron and Ironing Board
  • An iron is used to press fabric, seams open and make darts. Your everyday iron is fine.
  • Seam ripper (not pictured)
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