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May 18, 2016
Brother PE525 Review

BAS-311HWith the world’s top-class sewing speed, this machine provides high and stable sewing quality while achieving energy savings. The enlarged sewing area enables for a wide range of materials and applications.

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Achieving High Productivity

With the adoption of a Brother-developed direct drive motor, the BAS-311H achieved the world’s top-class sewing speed of 2, 800sti/min. This enhances productivity with quick starting and stopping.

*: When sewing at a sewing speed of 2, 800sti/min, set the stitch length to 4mm and under.

Beautiful and High Sewing Quality

beautiful and high sewing qualityWith its accurate stitch point even at high speed, the BAS-311H provides high quality stitching exactly the way it is programmed. The high-rigid feed mechanism realizes high-precision and stable stitching even with high speed or weighty material sewing.

Sewing Area is Enlarged to 150mmx100mm

The sewing area is enlarged 20mm in X direction(width), compared to the previous model BAS-311G. It enhances automation from a lock stitch process for wide range of materials and applications.

High Energy Saving

The power consumption has been reduced at 13% less than the previous model BAS-311G, which had been manufactured as the industry’s top-class energy saver. This machine is the programmable electronic pattern sewing machine with the lowest power consumption among this sewing-area class models in the market, while realizing high-speed sewing and strong needle penetration force.

Great Needle Penetration

Powerful motor (550W) outputs large amounts of torque even at slow speeds so that strong needle penetration force can be obtained. If the needle penetration resistance increases, vibration control (intermittent impact) automatically increases the penetration force.

Uniform and stable thread tightness

sewing areaIt realized stable thread tightening at low tension sewing and enlarged the range of balanced thread tensions. Setting of the suitable height of the presser foot for the thickness of the material can be set on the operation panel or in a program. Excessive or insufficient pressing by the presser foot can be prevented, enabling a finish with uniform thread tightening.

Smooth and Beautiful Stitches with A Minimum Resolution of 0.05 mm

Since the data is resolved at 0.05 mm per pulse for the feed, slanted lines and curves are accurately sewn with beautiful finishes. Also, a simple single point embroidery motif can be sewn, and embroidering on heavy materials, which is not easy with a general embroidery machine, is also possible.

Easy and Accurate Positioning of Materials

You can select a desired work clamp lowering operation from three patterns by changing memory switch settings (Two-step lowering, One-step lowering and Analog lowering). By selecting the optimal work clamp height, quick and accurate positioning of materials can be made.

high energy saving*: The default setting is two-step lowering.
*: This feature is only solenoid type.

Simple Adjustment

The driver phase can be adjusted from the side without tilting the sewing machine. The needle guard also can be adjusted at one time.

Work Clamp Can Be Replaced Quickly and Accurately

Simply by loosening the two screws, the work clamp can be replaced quickly. It can also be installed accurately by using the positioning pins.

Feed Plate Can Be Replaced Accurately

When replacing the feed plate, stitch data can be easily and accurately aligned with the feed plate by aligning the reference holes of the needle plate and the feed plate.

Ensure the Safety with Shock Absorber

The shock absorber is equipped in order to ensure the safety during maintenance when the machine head is tilted back.

User-friendly Operation Panel

The operation panel is designed to be user-friendly and to improve the ease of operation.

Easy Sewing Data Creation with Programmer PD-3000A

Sewing data can easily be created with a large color LCD. Sewing data management is easy because sewing data image can be displayed, copied and moved easily. 11 languages are supported as display language.

Equipped with a USB port, it became more convenient.

presser foot(thick) driver phase work clamp replacement feed plate replacement
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