Best Brother Sewing Machines

June 21, 2018
Great brother sewing machine

If you like to sew or want to learn, Brother sewing machines will help you get the job done right. Whether you plan to sew simple curtains or your daughter's wedding dress, you need a reliable sewing machine, and a Brother sewing machine will allow you to create beautiful projects and clothing with ease. Known for their quality printers and electronic devices, Brother is a name synonymous with innovation, and a Brother sewing machine continues that tradition. Read on to discover the best sewing machines for the various projects you plan to create.

Brother Sewing Machines:

Best Brother Sewing Machines

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  • Buy a free-arm sewing machine for sewing clothing.

    If you plan to stitch shirt cuffs or sleeves, a Brother free-arm sewing machine has a convertible sewing surface that allows you to easily maneuver your machine and make precise stitches, even in small areas. Buy a Brother sewing machine that comes with built-in stitches, an automatic bobbin-winding system and an automatic needle-threader to make sewing shirts or pants even easier. A portable sewing machine is lightweight and makes a great gift for any seamstress; lightweight sewing machines also work well as back-up or primary machines. When you're giving Brother sewing machines to others, include a kit with sewing supplies for the ultimate present.

  • Purchase a computerized sewing machine for ease.

    As a beginning or advanced sewer, you can make sewing any project simpler with a Brother computerized sewing machine. Look for a sewing machine model with built-in stitch styles, sewing fonts for monogramming, a buttonhole setting and automatic needle threading. Buy a Brother computerized sewing machine with an oversized table for quilting, sewing dresses or completing other large projects. Look for a machine with easy-to-use functions and a bright LED display. Brother computerized sewing machines are one of the best sewing machines to use for complicated projects or unfamiliar designs.

  • Look for an embroidery sewing machine for advanced projects.

    Intricate patterns and complicated stitches require a Brother embroidery sewing machine that allows you to create stylish designs on shirts, pillowcases, dresses and jeans. Look for a Brother embroidery sewing machine with various stitch attributes, a reinforcement function, thread sensors and monogramming fonts to make your embroidery perfect. To take your embroidery work with you, look for a portable sewing machine you can carry easily with your sewing supplies. Whichever Brother sewing machine you choose, the best sewing machine for you will be easy to operate and help you make a variety of projects.

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