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February 3, 2019
Embroidery Machine Reviews

A woman cleans a serger brush the dirtIs it time to take your sewing to the next level? If it is, then you’re ready to read through the best serger sewing machine reviews right now! A serger sewing machine will help you add the decorative flair that your project needs with ease. Why fight with an entry-level sewing machine that doesn’t have the feet to stand up to your creativity? Find a better sewing machine, a serger sewing machine, today!

Here Is the Best Chart For Serger Sewing Machines

Serger sewing machines might provide the same basic experience across all makes and models, but some brands have included extra features that you may want. That’s what this chart below will help you determine: the features you want from the brands you love.

What Is a Serger Sewing Machine?

What a serger sewing machine, which is sometimes called an Overlocking sewing machine, can do is trim and enclose a seam allowance or edge within a thread casing all in the same step. Your first choice is to determine what width and density you’re going to want for your projects. Wider and more dense options typically care with them a higher price tag. If you’re willing to invest a little more, however, you’ll have a few extra options that are useful.

The first option that must be considered is the thread use options. Most offer a 2/3/4 option so that you can choose the right amount of thread for your seam, but some just have 3-4 options and others just have 2-4 options. Most households can get the results they need from a 2/3/4 serger machine and there are several great brands that offer this style. There are 5-8 machines as well, but these are typically commercial sewing machines.

The best serger sewing machine is also going to have a differential feed for you to use. Speed up the feed on lightweight fabrics and you’ll be able to create a ruffle. Waved edges are possible with a good differential feed as well or just get the standard feed that you’d want with any standard sewing machine for a straight edge.

What Are the Advantages of a Serger Sewing Machine?

If you’re willing to invest into an upper end serger sewing machine, then the first advantage that you’ll receive is a machine that can do a cover stitch. These stitches appear on cuffs and seams and allow a garment to effectively stretch out and be adjustable to the wearer. You can achieve a similar look with a double needle sewing machine, but the end results aren’t as flexible as they are with the best serger sewing machines.

It is important to note that some projects can be completed by a serger machine, but a dedicated serger can’t complete certain tasks. You’ll need one of the best sewing machines for buttonholes, zippers, facings, and top stitching in your home as well because most sergers aren’t able to complete these tasks. It isn’t a requirement to own a serger sewing machine to sew, but it will add a lot of strength to your final project that other sewing machines just can’t provide.

Think about the clothes that you’re wearing right now. There are some raised ridges along some of the most important seams of that shirt, right? Especially along the shoulders and around the collar. These are typically made with a serger stitch. It’s a skill that can be a bit difficult to develop, especially if you’re a beginner, but over time will help you create something amazing, perfectly flat, or wonderfully ruffled based on your preferences.

How Do I Find the Best Serger Sewing Machine For Me?

The first consideration must be what you plan on using the serger to do. If you’re looking for a basic, strong seam, then a 2-4 or 3-4 machine will accomplish most of your needs and you’ll save some cash in the process. If you want a maximum amount of versatility for a fair price, however, the 2/3/4 serger is the best investment you could make. With a strong differential feed, you’ll be able to add your creativity into every project.

How can you tell which serger sewing machines have a good differential feed? With the best serger sewing machine reviews, that’s how! Our comprehensive reviews take a fact-based approach so you can see the features and advantages of each make and model right up front. You’ll get the information you need about each machine to make a legitimate buying decision without pressure or influence.

You’ll also want to consider the additional features that you may need or want with your new sewing machine. The best sergers offer color-coded threading so that you can eliminate the problems that comes from a badly threaded machine. It’s not always easy to thread a serger, so get the color-coding to prevent damage from your machine that won’t be covered by the warranty.

The type of hems and extra allowances you’ll want are the final consideration. Rolled up hems are perfect on a serger, but perfectly flat seams can be difficult, especially on some delicate materials. Get good feeders and consistent speeds to make sure that you’ve got the right machine to meet all of your needs.

What Are the Prices of the Best Serger Sewing Machines?

The best serger sewing machines that have an industrial quality to them can cost $1, 500 or more. Even when shopping on Amazon, these top machines are priced at the top of this particular sewing niche because of the added equipment and expertise that is required to produce them. These are typically more for those who have already perfected their serging skills.

For those who are just getting started or want a good value buy, most entry-level serger sewing machines are going to fall between $200-$300. The average price for a machine that can meet most needs with ease is going to be around $500 in most circumstances.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Offering a 3-4 sewing experience, this sewing machine is incredibly consistent and works with even the thinnest or stretchiest of fabrics that you may have. It isn’t one of the best sewing machines on the market today simply because it’s priced at an affordable price point. It’s also got the features you’re going to need! It is surprisingly easy to thread, even though it is a serger machine, thanks to the color-coded and numbered upper and lower looper threading instructions. This serger creates a professional looking result in no time at all and the stitch quality was never compromised, no matter what we tried to do to test it out!

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