Singer Home Sewing Machine

December 29, 2017
Singer Home Sewing Machine

Poor Quality, Expensive, Does Not Do What It Is Supposed To.

I purchased one of these machines and took it back had issues. The second machine had same issues. Called singer they run through several items that I could do to make it work correctly. I also purchased a different bobbin case. It run somewhat still had the broken thread notification issue but I worked through them determined to have what I paid for. After a little over a year it quit working correctly at all. I took it to a repair show in Ft. Smith who said they had 30 yrs exp. and great reviews online. I now have it back and the sewing was great. The embroidery not so much. Keeps breaking the thread. I am SO SO aggravated at how much I paid for this machine and am not getting it to work properly. I have been tempted to throw the dang thing through the wall. I've always heard singer is a great brand been around forever. Now I'm over $1, 000.00 in the hole and guess i'm gonna have to go buy a different machine if I want to be able to continue with my projects. Extremely dissatisfied!!!

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Good Value, Great Features, High Quality

I love this machine! At first when I took it out of the box I was a little intimidated because of the size of it. You must have patience and just practice with the stitches. I love the embroidery features.

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Complicated, Expensive, Want To Embroider Graphics Of My Own, But Will Not Accept "gif" Extensions.

Love the machine & features of the second one. Glad that Hancock fabrics replaced it and also gave me the credit of 2 months from that day. Also the first one would not thread the needle, and the tension was not correct, making bird-nest. The second one is working fine.

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I bought this machine because it was much cheaper than other machines I've looked at. Since I've never done embroidery before; 1) I didn't know if I would like it or not (I've since gotten into it) 2) It's my experience that many things that are less expensive, are equal in productivity.

I am very happy with my machine. I have learned quite a lot from researching on utube, blogs, discussions with friends etc.

My complaints:'

The instruction manual is very vague and doesn't cover everything the machine can do. Even some of the basic stuff (a button hole for example) is not explained. Only thing I found was that 'yes' the machine is capable of making button holes...

Another complaint is that, in embroidery mode, it picks up too much bobbin thread when starting or thread color change, then I end up with bunched up thread underneath, not an easy solution, once it gets going, it goes.

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Quality Of Machine Not Up To Singer Standards

I purchased not one, but two machines. Thinking the first one was a bad machine. Broken needles while embroidering, thread clustered under bobbin. Love the concept of the machine, but it just doesnt work.

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