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August 7, 2016
Timed Auction
Since its launch in 2009, the Timed Online Auction Division of Steffes Group, Inc., known as IQBID, has vastly grown in popularity. Through IQBID, Steffes Group, Inc. has been selling farm and construction equipment, specialty assets of all kinds, and real estate via its intuitive online platform. IQBID operates both independently and in unison with Steffes Live Auctions. IQBID also offers a regularly scheduled timed online event from the 1st Wednesday to the 2nd Wednesday of each month. IQBID also routinely conducts independent Timed Online auctions. These auctions range in size from large multi-location dealership group inventory reductions and liquidations to 10 piece sales. This method of doing business creates numerous benefits with few downsides for both sellers and buyers.

Why Online Auctions?

The Death of Distance

First and foremost, IQBID allows anyone in the world, who is willing and able, to attend our auctions any time of the day or night. This effectively eliminates hurdles associated with bidding at auction.

Auctions Can Be Conducted From Nearly Anywhere

IQBID auctions can take place at your site or at one of our facilities. Bidders are encouraged to personally inspect or have an inspection done by a third party prior to the auction. With IQBID auctions, all bidding takes place on the internet. Buyers pay for their purchases through a quick phone call to the location hosting the auction. Buyers then take possession of their items at the auction site or one of our facilities, or have it delivered to them via a transport company or UPS.

We Never Give a Buyer an Excuse Not to Bid

IQBID auctions allow bidding to take place anytime, anywhere, and anyplace. Bidders can view the auction items online 24/7 and in person on auction specified inspection days. Bidders are able to contact the owner of any item or the IQBID representative in charge of the auction with any questions. See item description for details.

If you have any additional questions or curiosities remaining about IQBID and the Timed Online Auction process or would like to consign a piece to the IQBID monthly auction, please do not hesitate to contact one of our IQBID representatives at any of our 4 locations today!

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