How to choose a room for a sewing workshop

October 10, 2022
Hydraulic firefighter cutting

For your own sewing workshop, you will need to choose a suitable room. The first and most important criterion is scalability. Look at the room: will you be able to double the area in a year? If not, look for another option. For reference: the standard for a seamstress's workplace is 5 m 2.

Ideally, you should have one large room, not a dozen small ones. This way you will see the overall picture of the business, it will be easier to manage the work.

If there is no suitable room,  Southern Maine Contractor will help you design your building that will fully meet your requirements.

An elongated room without partitions would be ideal, so that the working areas can be arranged in a straight line or in a circle.

Image by Jeffrey Soh from Pexels

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