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May 12, 2021
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In the apparel and textile industries, the power of a well-known name to influence brand-conscious consumers is indisputable. A good name is one of a company’s most valuable assets.

Feldman Law Group helps clients protect their brand and good name from abuse. We have extensive experience defending and maintaining trademarks in the fashion, apparel, and textile industries. We help our clients prevent others from appropriating or misusing their good name.

Trademark Protection

The intellectual property attorneys of the Feldman Law Group help clients develop a trademark strategy from the earliest stages of a business’s growth. Our lawyers evaluate options for company and product names and offer advice on choosing names that are most likely to be strong candidates for trademark registration.

Once a trademark strategy is in place, we prepare applications for trademark registration and support clients throughout the prosecution process. If the USPTO approves the trademark application, we can help maintain the trademark with follow-up administrative services to make sure the registration is correctly maintained and renewed on time.

Protecting an Existing Trademark

In fast-changing industries like apparel and textiles, trademark owners need to monitor the marketplace constantly for improper trademark use and be prepared to act quickly when needed.

The intellectual property attorneys at Feldman Law Group are seasoned advocates, experienced in defending trademarks and handling claims of infringement. With extensive experience in intellectual property law and the fashion industries, we help develop and implement a strategy for protecting your brand.

Our lawyers bring a fresh, innovative approach to defending our clients’ rights. In one recent ground-breaking case, Feldman Law Group helped establish the right of a retailer of trademarked jeans to pursue trademark law claims against a wholesaler selling counterfeit versions of the trademarked jeans to the retailer’s competitors. Even though the retailer did not own the trademark registration used on the jeans, with the assistance of Feldman Law Group, the retailer was able to pursue a claim against the wholesaler for damage to its business.


Clothing and apparel are not currently protectable by copyright. However, it is possible to protect a fabric design, such as prints on fabrics. Feldman Law Group regularly assists with applications for a copyright for creative fabric designs and prosecuting such applications. Our skilled attorneys represent plaintiffs and defendants involved in copyright infringement disputes regarding fabric prints and designs.

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