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July 25, 2016
Which Sewing Machine?
computerised sewing machine
  1. Look for a Sewing Machine fit for purpose.
  2. Think about what you want the sewing machine to do now and in the future.
  3. Don't buy cheap unknown brands, it might be rubbish.
  4. Choose your budget and buy it.

Our best advice is buy the right tool for the job! Don't expect a cheap light weight sewing machine to sew up your heavy weight curtains trouble free, it just won't happen wherever you buy it from, it has to be 'fit for purpose'.

If it's light to medium weight work / fabric you need to be spending £200 - £350 depending on how many extra features you want.

If it's light to heavy weight work / fabric you need to be spending £350 - £5000 depending on how many extra features you want, how much work you expect to be giving it, how long you expect it to last, how user friendly you expect it to be, and the type of work / fabric you expect to be able to sew.

  • Build quality
  • Quality of design and layout
  • Life expectancy
  • Included features
  • Ability to sew all the various types of material available today.

Think about what you want from your sewing machine, choose it from our website and buy it! If you find it all a bit too confusing, give us a ring but please try and know exactly what you need from your sewing machine so we can help make the right decision.

Some things you should watch out for!

Bernina sewing machine 1008Remember the old saying 'buy cheap, buy twice'. The UK market is flooded with cheap rubbish, from cheap Chinese jumpers that look like a rag after washing them for the first time to cheap Taiwanese pots and pans with handles that drop off!

DON'T be tempted by the price tag or claims the sellers make, if the largest sewing machine manufactures in the world like Janome or Brother can't make a reliable sewing machine to retail for less than £99 then it just cannot be done, it might not be possible to find anyone able to service it or find spare parts.

Buy from the right agents / retailers, this business is fairly unique in that once you've bought from a specific retailer you might be stuck with them because your guarantee is with them, not any other dealer / retailer or the manufacture. If you go anywhere else during your warrantee period, you will probably have to pay for the service you receive!

A good domestic sewing machine should give years of good service however it's very important you choose the right machine to suit your sewing needs, if you don't it will bring you constant heartache and disappointment every time you take it out to use it. We carry Husqvarna, Bernina, Janome and Brother sewing machines because we know these brands give good reliable service and we can continue to support you with regards to spare parts and repairs for many years to come. We also know these brands are well supported both nationally and worldwide should you ever need a machine service or spare part / accessory. We do not stock unknown brands or even some of the better-known brands because we cannot guarantee any or the above.

bernina sewing machine 380 patchwork quilting
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