Good cheap sewing machine for beginners

August 8, 2019
The Best Sewing Machines For
Beginner Sewing Machines

How to choose a beginner sewing machine:

There are a wide range of choices for beginner sewing machines. Most beginner’s machines range from $100.00 to $500.00. But a sewing machine is unlike any other household appliance that just plugs in and goes. There is a basic understanding that is required in terms of threading, bobbins etc. Luckily today’s modern technology has made it much easier for a beginner to perfect the basics quickly.DC2150 Thumb There are a massive variety of beginner’s sewing machines available and choosing the right one can be a challenge if you have never owned one before. Below, you will find some handy information that will help you.

A good beginner sewing machine normally ranges between the $350.00 to $500.00 range, from a world renowned brand such as Janome or Brother. They are also the easiest and best in terms of an investment for the long term.

Like most things, all machines are made for a price. The higher the price, the better the quality, and more features such as:

  • Larger selection of stitches
  • Stronger and faster motors
  • Drop in Bobbin (Loads from the top, providing easy access and visibility)
  • Built in needle threaders
  • Thread cutters
  • Better lighting
  • Better engineering such as feed systems, and overall performance

Computerised sewing machines, normally start at $300. They offer a wider selection of really useful stitches, digital controls and display, plus nice automatic functions that just make the overall experience a pleasure to use.

Mechanical machines are also still available. For under 0.00 you will find many basic mechanical machines. However, the more hardy sewing machines are normally between the 9 to 9 prices ranges.Beginner Sewing Machine - Janome MW3018LE These machines will often last longer, come with stronger motors, and built to sew through most things such as heavy fabric and denim.

Anything under $100.00 are normally very limited in its capability, such as:

  • Limited width setting for zig-zag stitching (one of the most common stitch used)
  • Low powered motors, such as a 12 volt (these machines will more likely struggle on medium weight materials)
  • Difficult and unfriendly to use
  • Noisy and Slow
  • The overall build is rougher and will not provide a good finish

Cheap Sewing machines, which are found everywhere today, in general make sewing tough, and deters people away from sewing. This is a big shame, as the technology in the machines today makes sewing very easy and that is how it should be.

08 Emerald 116 Thumb V2 Beginner Sewing Machine - Janome JR1012 Beginner Sewing Machine - Janome DC3100 Yamata FY510 Mechanical Sewing Machine
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