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May 4, 2018
How to Sew Piping

how to sew lined curtainsFully lined curtains are elegant, block double the light of unlined curtains and protect the fabric from fading in the sunshine.

Sewing curtains with lining is great for children's and baby's rooms, which require more darkness. Plus, they also allow the curtain fabric to appear opaque, as it has the backing fabric of the lining. While they look complicated to sew, they are actually incredibly easy, once you know a few tips for hiding all the stitching.

Read along and learn to make your own customized lined curtains!

fold curtain hemBefore doing any sewing, first you need to cut your curtain fabric and lining fabric. Check out this post on how to sew grommet curtains to learn the steps properly measure your windows for curtains. you will need to measure, cut, and sew any panels together to have our curtain fabric the size you want for your windows prior to beginning this tutorial.

To add in the correct amount for the sides, top and bottom, use the following guide: The top will be treated based on your hardware of choice, so be sure to add in the amount you need for your fixtures.fold curtain hem The hem allowance to add in is 4" and the side seam allowance is 2" for each side, making it 4" wider overall. The lining fabric should be cut to the same size as the curtain fabric, then trimmed down to be 2" shorter and 4" narrower. Once you have the panels ready to go, proceed to step 1 below to start the sewing process.

Tools required:

fold lining hemIron and ironing board (a small portable pressing board can be helpful, so you can bring it to the fabric instead of the other way around, allowing you to keep the fabric flat on your surface), seam gauge, scissors, pins, sewing machine, and an area large enough to lay out your entire curtain. This can be your floor or a large dining table, just as long as you can lay it all out, as that will make the pinning and lining up steps much easier once you have the volume of yardage that curtains typically require.

Step 1:

Fold the hem of the curtain fabric up 3/4" and press with an iron set to the appropriate heat for the fabric you are using. A seam gauge will help this step a lot, as pictured above.

Step 2:

Fold the hem of the curtain fabric a second time, this time making the fold 3 1/4" so the hem amount between the two folds is a full 4" hem. Press with your iron.

Step 3:

Repeat steps one and two with your lining fabric, first folding and pressing 3/4" and then folding 3 1/4" and pressing a second time for the full 4" hem allowance.

pin curtain and lining hems sew curtain hem sew lining hem press the curtain hem
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