Cutting machines in garment Industry

May 25, 2022
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Hand shears are normally used when cutting onlysingle or double plies. The lower blade of the shearspasses under the plies, but the subsequent distortionof the fabric is only temporary and accurate cutting tothe line can be achieved with practice.

Advantage of hand scissor

Almost every type of cloth are cut by scissor.Scissors are mainly used for cutting single ply fabric.

Disadvantage of hand scissor

It takes huge time for fabric cuttingIt is impossible to cut the fabric lay of any height

Straight knife cutting

The most useful cutting machine in garments industry is the straight knife cutting machine.

Machine parts and their functions:a) Blade:

Cuts the fabric laterally into a spread.

b) Sharpening device:

Produces degree of keenness inthe cutting edge.

c) Blade drive:

Cutting blade is reciprocated vertically inthe blade housing by the blade drive.


s driven by themotors drive.

d) Blade housing :

is anchored in the base plate.It supports the motor, operating handle and sharpeners

e) Blade guard:

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