Foam coating Machine

February 15, 2018
Coating Machine Double Sided

Our Atlanta Branch is among the nation's top 10 wholesale distributors for Spray Equipment and Parts.

We design and install service spray equipment and parts for both singular and plural component systems. We serve a diverse customer base, including insulation contractors, OEM facilities, and manufactured housing plants. We are a major distributor of polyurethane compounds and coatings.

We have the largest supply of parts, including those hard to find items for older machines. Contact us for more information on spray foam insulation, pipe insulation, metal building insulation, poly sheeting, and the accessories you need.

Trident is an authorized and trained dealer of Gusmer, the world's leading supplier of plural-compound proportioning equipment for spraying, pouring and the injection of polyurethane foams and elastomeric coating. We provide a complete range of machines, guns and auxiliary equipment to meet virtually every polyureal component application, from spray foam roofing and insulation to specialized polyureas - and more.

Trident is also an authorized distributor of Graco spray equipment for the foam application industry - these include spray foam insulation, coatings, polyureas and other applications.

We custom build and supply spray-rigs to commercial spray insulation contractors, customizing to each contractor's spraying specifications. We were the first to custom build turnkey spray-rigs, and we've been doing it for over 30 years.

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