Glue coating Machine

October 7, 2019
Brand New 27cm Automatic
Roll Coating Machine built by Optimex Engineering Limited

Machine Operation

The substrate is carried through the roll coating machine on a belt conveyor. A pool of coating liquid is contained between the coating roll, doctor roll and end sealing plates. The coating roll, the doctor roll and the conveyor are individually driven at variable speed, adjustable for best performance of the machine. The adjustment for substrate thickness is easily done by motorized screw lifting of roll assembly. The coating liquid level between the coating and doctor roll is adjustable and automatically controlled by ultrasonic sensor. The thickness of coating is accurately controlled, providing a uniform coverage on the product.

Roll Coating Machine Features

  • Both doctor and coating roll are hard chromed for long lasting operation and accuracy of coating layer thickness
  • End sealing plates, made of teflon, are spring loaded against chromed face of rolls, providing good sealing with low friction and slow wear.
  • Our roll coating machines are safe, durable, and easy to operate and service.

Technical Data Width of Product 0-96" 0-2438 mm Thickness of Product 0-12" 0-300 mm Line Height 30" 762 mm Hard Chromed Coating Roller 10" Diameter 254 mm Hard Chromed Doctor Roller 7" Diameter 178 mm Speed Variable 10-100fpm 3-30 mpm
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