Digital Spot UV coating Machine

August 9, 2018
Spot UV Coating Machine

Spot UV Coating

Printing Technology MGI's inkjet UV
Drop-on-Demand (DoD) technology
Piezo heads mounted on a solid plate covering the entire sheet width
Single pass printing. Flexible & scalable printing architecture
Coating Thicknesses Depending on your file and the paper used, the coating thickness can vary:
- from 3 microns (µm) same as a traditional flat spot UV coating
- up to 200µm for 3D raised effects and a tactile finish.
Production Speed Up to 3, 000 B2 sheet size per hour (flat spot UV coating)
First page out in 16 sec. (no preheating or system latency)
Registration Left & right side lay guides on either side of the sheet. Overall registration of +/- 200 microns.

New revolutionary registration process using the latest MGI AIS scanner to fully automate the make-ready and a perfect sheet to sheet registration

Formats Minimum:
21x30 cm / 8 x 11.8”

52x74 cm / 20x29" (regular size)
52x105 cm / 20x42” (extended size)

Paper Thickness From 135 to 600 gsm
with motorized height-adjustment print heads
Substrates Spot Coating and Hot Foiling can be applied directly on offset printouts with or without lamination, with or without aqueous/UV coatings. Also compatible with plastic, PVC, Polypropylene and other coated materials.

NEW - 3D spot UV coat directly onto digital prints (ie. MGI Meteor) with no lamination or coating required.

Printing Area 51.5x73.5 cm (standard)
51.5x104.5 cm (extended)
Coating and Special Inks New UV coatings specially formulated - with or without 3D raised effects
Yields The JETvarnish 3D now comes standard with 2 coating tanks and 2 coating circuits allowing a quick changeover between coatings. The first tank has a high capacity volume (18 liters / 4.7 US gal.). The second one is a recyclable 6 liters / 1.59 US gallon bag.
“On-the-fly” tank changeover possible during production without any interruption.
Capacity of ink circuit during operation - approximately 1 liter / 0.26 US gal.
Feeder High capacity feeder able to handle a paper pile up to 60cm / 23.6” high
Approximately 4, 000 sheets at 135 gsm
Paper Path 100% flat paper path.
Vacuum feed system.
Air feed system.
Automatic double sheet detection.
Stacker High capacity stacker able to accomodate stacks up to 60cm/23.6” high
Approximately 4, 000 sheets at 135 gsm.
Now includes a blowing system to cool down production.
Front End System New large touch screen (68cm/27")
New fluid & intuitive interface

Dedicated PC (with mouse/keyboard)
Ethernet connection 10/100/1000 BT (RJ 45)

Built-in Application Software - Comprehensive job queue management
- Predictive printing cost calculator (coating consumption)
- Dedicated image editor to do local and fast image editing prior to production
In-Line UV Dryer “On-the-fly” drying & curing via integrated UV lamps
Spot Coated sheets can be immediately finished or handled, no additional drying time required
Dry Air An on-site air system is necessary for the new sheet stacker blower (6 bar/87 PSI, 300 à 400 liters/min - 80/105 Gal/min.)
Maintenance and Technical Support Daily maintenance completed in less than 10 minutes
Majority of procedures are automated
Remote troubleshooting & support via included web camera (high speed internet connection required)
Operator Panel Integrated user-friendly touch-screen LCD.
Option(s) -iFOIL option: a hot foil stamping module that connects inline with the JETvarnish 3D

-VDP option : Variable Data Printing system using a camera and preprinted barcodes

Electrical Requirements 30 kW (32 A) 400 Volts - 1 plug CEE/IP44 63A (3P+N+E)
3.7 kW (16 A) 220 Volts - 1 plug CEE/7 16A (2P+E)
2 kW (16 A) 220 Volts - 2 plugs CEE/7 16A (2P+E)
Dimensions (L x W x H) & Weight 7.67 x 2.24 x 2.16 meter (with all doors opened)
1 meter / 3.3’ clearance required on all 4 sides

± 2, 150 kg / ± 4, 470 lbs

Operating Environment Temperature: 18 to 30°C / 64 to 86°F
Relative humidity: between 30 and 50% (no condensation)
Eco Friendly Eliminates resource waste (wasted electricity, paper and varnish)

No plates (offset) or screens (screen printing)

No messy cleanup or preparation between jobs

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