Conformal coating Machine

August 26, 2020
If automation does not fit
Automated Machine with Single Side Coating Application

This conformal coating system dip coats and dries conformal coating on printed circuit boards without masking. The PCBs are held by custom designed clamps that carry them through the dip tank in a horizontal position, restricting coating to one side at a controlled depth. The material handling system also rotates the boards to facilitate uniform coating and reduce wedging. An infrared drying section then uniformly dries the applied coating before the conveyor returns the parts to the unload area of the machine. Also illustrated is a controlling viscometer and fire suppression system.

Automated Machine with Hot Air Dryer & PLC Based Control System

This Glenro Conformal Coating System includes special fixtures and conveyor cross bars for dip coating the printed circuit boards. The upper part of the machine is a hot air oven to dry and/or cure the conformal coating. A PLC based control system automatically maintains viscosity by replenishing the dip tank with coating and solvent, which are stored in fire safety cabinets. The machine includes a recirculation-filtration system, a controlling viscometer, and a fire protection system. This machine was designed to accommodate a high-volume production requirement of 600 boards per hour.

Infrared Drying System

This oven is an example of a Glenro custom designed conformal coating infrared oven with overhead conveyor. The oven is 12 feet long by 6 feet high by 1 foot 6 inches deep. The oven is made up of sixteen infrared heaters, eight on each side, mounted in a vertical face-to-face position for drying both sides of the product at the same time. Adjustable temperature with controller means that once the temperature is set it requires no further attention. A conveyor carries the products through the heated section and around the back of the heaters where they can be removed.

Infrared Reflow Oven

This conveyorized infrared oven is for reflowing epoxy dust from epoxy coated e-glass sheets after a cutting operation. It is located in a clean room environment. Infrared heaters heat and reflow the epoxy dust prior to a chilled air cooling section.

Custom Conformal Coating & Printed Circuit Board Machines
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