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November 26, 2016
India Paper Coating Machine

voestalpine-eifeler-aerospace-komponenteBOHLER-UDDEHOLM INDIA has already established itself in India as a reliable supplier of tool steel, special materials, and heat treatments. Now the company plans to further expand its portfolio with the addition of coating services and is constructing a new PVD coating center which is due for completion in the summer of 2016. The coating center will be equipped with the latest coating technology from eifeler Germany, including two coating machines, cleaning systems, and a quality assurance laboratory.

Growing market for PVD in India

The market for PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) in India is growing continually. However, currently a single dominant player controls over 70% of market shares. This is encouraging customers to actively search for alternatives—alternatives of a technical quality able to compete with existing offerings. This is an ideal starting position for BOHLER-UDDEHOLM INDIA which plans to make inroads into the market with its tried-and-tested eifeler technology.

Global exchange

The company also enjoys the advantage of extensive prior experience with coating centers in other countries such as BOHLER UDDEHOLM Polska in Poland. Therefore it is planned to bring together employees from India and Poland for an intensive session in which they can swap experiences, highlight potential improvements, and identify initial hurdles. One important point, for example, is that the coating customer will only really change partner when truly convinced they can rely on the new supplier’s services. Consequently, the time needed to build a customer’s confidence—including the time required to secure the customer’s internal certification—should be optimized in advance.

Challenges of entering a new market

Even so, entering a new market is always difficult. However, the company is confident that eifeler technology will convince the customers. Not only that, but as part of a Group the company also enjoys a huge competitive advantage as a single source of steel, heat treatment, and coating services. This is something no Indian competitor can offer.

Start up in summer 2016

Another step in optimally positioning Bohler-Uddeholm India in the Indian coatings market after the coming summer was deciding to install the new equipment in a newly leased hall near Pune. This is closer to the strongly growing automotive industry and, above all, offers better logistical connections to the many small suppliers in the region. Thirteen new employees on site will offer customers solutions that will give them a competitive advantage on the global market.

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