UV coating Machines

August 28, 2021
2016 New Desktop CD DVD UV
The VividCoater is a low maintenance ultra violet cured coating system that produces a high quality finish to the printed sheet. With a wide range of finish options, including matte to high gloss, UV coating not only makes printed products lively and brilliant, but also offers powerful protection against friction and fading.

Compared to conventional solvent based coatings the VividCoater produces virtually no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and is considered to be environmentally friendly. This is a positve step forward for the increasingly knowledgeable and environmentally aware consumer marketplace.

By producing richer and more vibrant colours on digitally or offset printed pieces the VividCoater offers the on-demand print market the opportunity to have more effective and expressive printed products at a very low cost per page.

Graphic Whizard’s VividCoater offers an impressive new design in the UV coater market which utilizes a minimum amount of work space while ensuring memorable quality, dramatic performance and uninhibited operator ease.

Source: www.graphicwhizard.com
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