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November 1, 2018
Coats 2020 Superstar air
The Coats® M-61 Bubble Balancer offers an economic solution that eliminates static imbalance and offers a smoother ride and reduced tire wear caused by excessive vibrations.

  • Model #: 875
  • Part #: 85008875

The Coats™ 875 wheel balancer brings professional balancing service to your lineup. Whether you own a brake shop, muffler shop, or are just starting out with a couple of bays, the 875 model is a cost effective way to provide wheel balancing for your customers.

  • Model #: ProRide
  • Part #: 85001775, 85001875

Superior ride management with easy–to–use operation to deliver increased productivity and a better quality balance.

  • Model #: 280 Bubble Balancer
  • Part #: 8034000

Cost-effective and accurate, the Coats® 280 is a simple, indispensable balancer - the dream machine for any shop that offers motorcycle wheel service.

  • Model #: 1250-3D
  • Part #: 85009979

The Coats® 1250-3D is the best 3D LED balancer in the business. One touch and all three wheel parameters are loaded. Just drop the hood and go.

  • Model #: 1150
  • Part #: 85001150, 85001150-02

The 1100 Series combines the accuracy and durability of Coats® Direct Drive system with an exclusive set of easy to use balancing features designed to get the job done right the first time, every time.

  • Model #: 1100
  • Part #: 85001100, 85001100-02

The 1100 Series Wheel Balancer features direct balancing mode selection, static-on-screen, redesigned user interface and more. Its exclusive balancing features helps you get the job done right the first time.

  • Model #: 775
  • Part #: 85007775

Designed for low volume occasional balancing of OE fitments, but offers features you will find on much more elaborate machines. The 775 balancer will give you years of rugged durability, dependability, and performance - all for a value price.

  • Model #: 6450
  • Part #: 8506450, 850645002

Take control of your toughest jobs with Coats heavy duty wheel balancers. Our full line of heavy duty balancers are proven performers, and are some of the most robust wheel balancers you can buy. They also come standard with loads of features that make your job faster and easier.

  • Model #: 6275
  • Part #: 85606275
  • Model #: V200
  • Part #:

The V200 features Coats’ proven Direct Drive technology, which means the balancer will stay accurate for years and never need to be recalibrated to zero. The V200’s touchscreen interface standardizes wheel balancing into a step-by-step process that puts one-spin accuracy within everyone’s reach. The V200 reduces comebacks and helps you do the job right the first time, every time.

  • Model #: 1500
  • Part #: 80015003D
Source: www.coatsgarage.com
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