Glass coating Machine

April 4, 2014
Professional PLC Glass Coating
  • Unbelievable Cost Savings

    Absolutely the least expensive way to apply a protective coating - while getting the best.

  • Eliminate Human Error

    Prevent the headaches associated with production mistakes.

  • Built to Adapt

    Flex models starting at 25 lites are modular to grow as you grow.

  • Beat the Competition

    Differentiate yourself with double-sided coating for less than the single-sided price.

  • Unmatched Safety

    No spill and spray risks, zero-emissions process: reducing regulatory concerns.

  • Huge Productivity Gains

    15x more throughput - delivering massive process advantages in a small space.

  • 24/7 Peace of Mind

    Your production is our priority, so we created our exclusive Max Uptime™ program.

  • Generate More Sales

    Driving demand to your business like we’re part of your marketing team.

  • Superior Coating Standard

    Exceed expectations with the Easiest-to-Clean™ patented Diamon-Fusion coating.

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