Sewing process in garment Industry

September 6, 2022
Sewing sewing in progressive


After receive the garments components from cutting section, all the garments parts are joined and sewn as sequentially. Obviously all the components are sewn respects on buyer requirement.

Sewing section is the most important department of a garment manufacturing industry. Sewing machines of different types are arranged as a vertical line to assemble the garments. Sequence of types of sewing machine arrangement depends on sequence of assembling operations.


Number matching front 2 back part (back on part on upper side)

Shoulder stitching (By over lock m/c)

Neck rib truck (By plain m/c)

Neck rib sewing by plain m/c

Neck rib joins with body pant

Neck top sin

Solder to solder back tip

Size label sewing

Solder to solder back top sin

Sleeve marking and number matching with body parts.

Sleeve tuck with body part (Sleeve mark point & solder mark point)

Sleeve joint with the body part

Side sewing and care label joint

Bottom hem tuck (at the end side)

Bottom hem sewing

Arm bottom hem joint



Lining joint with collar part by heat pressing

Collar marking for open stitch

Collar inside open stitch

Collar marking

Collar ¼ top sin

Collar cutting

Band rolling

Band joint with collar

Band top sin 1/6

Placket lining

Placket marking

Placket rolling

Placket joint

Placket top sin1/6

Placket pattern top sin

Placket pattern top sin 1/6

Box sewing

Pocket rolling

Pocket Iron

Pocket marking

Pocket joint with body

Yoke joint with back part

Yoke ¼ top sin

Back and front part matching number

Collars join with body part

Collar top sin in joining part

Sleeve making

Sleeve over locked

Sleeve rolling

Sleeve pair matching

Sleeve and body matching

Sleeve body tuck

Sleeve joint with body part

Sleeve marking for batch

Sleeve batch joint (left & right side)

Body marking for batch

Batch joint with body part

Label make

Label iron

Main label joint in back side

Sleeve opening tuck

Body hem sewing

Care label sewing

Side joint

Band tuck

Band tape joint

Band top sin

Sleeve chap tuck


Total Machine:-26

Over Lock-Shoulder Joining (2 M/c)

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