Pfaff Industrial Sewing machines

August 23, 2022
PFAFF 38-45 2-Needle Double

Are you looking for information on the latest state of the arts?

Do you wish to consult one of our specialists, or perhaps just talk shop?

Do you expect the simplest and best solutions for your daily work?

Do you want to obtain the best possible sewing results with a great variety of different materials, or find a solution to a special sewing problem?

Are you planning to optimise your production and rationalise your work sequence, or are you interested in new techniques and systems?

Experienced consultants, sewing mechanics, technical engineers, application engineers and organisation specialists are all ready to help you. With its high motivation, and the experience of 150 successful years of sewing-machine development and production at PFAFF Industrial and its sales partners, this service is fully devoted to fulfilling your needs.


More than 80 sewing and welding machines for demonstration and test purposes are available in Kaiserslautern. Moreover, many sales partners have a big range of machines on site. Experienced consultants, sewing mechanics, technical engineers, application engineers and organisation specialists, either located at our customer service center Kaiserslautern or at the PFAFF Industrial sales partners' offices, are all ready to help you. In other words: PFAFF Industrial is not only your guarantor for integrated solutions but for integrated service, too. Why not visit us or one of our subsidiaries worldwide?

It will be a pleasure to meet you.

Here is a selection of the services offered by the service team at our Showroom in Kaiserslautern:

  • Sewing samples for certain operations.Application engineers make up the samples you need at our Customer Centre, in your own material if you wish.
  • Optimum solutions for sewing operations.Make use of the PFAFF Industrial know-how to find the best suited industrial sewing machine for your operational requirements.
  • Consultation at the machine.

Please contact us or your local sales partner and inform us about your requirements and suggestions.

Ourcontact for youin our showroom:

Francine Schneider / Johanna Wegerich

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