Different types of Industrial Sewing machines

December 31, 2018

A tabletop sewing machine is a great choice for a weekend seamstress. Someone who does only a moderate amount of sewing can have a lot of fun with a domestic sewing machine. Typically, home sewing machines are made with lightweight components, such as plastic or nylon gears, rods, and housings. While these economical parts can serve a hobby seamstress quite well, they are not adequate for continuous commercial work, especially when stitching heavy-duty fabric or leather.
Built to Last

As a rule, industrial sewing machines are engineered with high-quality metals that tend to outlast the construction of household machines. The cast iron and aluminum connecting rods, gears, body, and housings of heavy-duty sewing machines are made to withstand the rigors of industrial stitchery. Commercial sewing machines and sergers are put together differently. On a home machine, the motor is typically built right into the machine head itself. This is not the case with an industrial machine. A stand-alone motor, most often found along the bottom of the table, is easier to repair or replace than a motor built into the machine head.
Types of Industrial Sewing Machines

There are a few basic types of industrial sewing machines. These are differentiated by their needle positioning and arm design. There are flatbed machines that are used for attaching flat pieces of fabric or leather, whereas a cylinder-bed machine has a narrow horizontal column that makes it ideal for sewing sleeves and cuffs. Post-bed machines feature feed dogs and loopers situated in a vertical column above the machine's flat base, making them great for sewing boots and gloves.

The following are five quality industrial sewing machines.

Finding and buying industrial sewing machines on eBay is easy. Just type the desired item into the search bar that appears at the top of every eBay page. General search terms, such as "sewing machines, " will deliver numerous results. This is adequate information when browsing for sale items, but for more specialized results, the shopper should use more specific search terms, such as "industrial cylinder-bed sewing machine" or "industrial flatbed sewing machine." Adding a model number to the search focuses the results even more specifically. Once the results are shown, filters may be employed to list the results according to individual preferences, such as condition and price.

Source: www.ebay.com
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