Cotton mills Industrial Revolution

August 29, 2022

New machines helped to provide new and different ways to travel, such as by canal, rail or road. New tools were created to make farming and working the land easier. Over time technology came into the home to make chores less time consuming!
Cotton became big business in Britain because it was cheap to buy and there was plenty of this raw material being imported (brought from abroad). It soon took over flax and wool as the main textile industry. This industry was responsible for the creation of many new towns around Britain. The cotton industry created great riches for the mill owners and employed thousands of people in the mills to spin thread or weave material.

During the Industrial Revolution, new machines were invented that could spin thread much faster than women working with a traditional old-fashioned spinning wheel in their own homes. One of these was called the Spinning Jenny invented by James Hargreaves in 1764. Then came the Water Frame invented by Richard Arkwright in 1769 and in 1779, Samuel Crompton invented the Spinning Mule, which combined the best features of the others, and the Mule could produce a...

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