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July 13, 2017
McLogan Supply - 24 Photos
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I have been going to ACE for several years. Every time I've gone it's been good. Sometimes great. I like going there for the supplies, and I'm satisfied. Like in any growing business you go through hurdles, many learning experiences. I started going there back when they were struggling no employees just Jay :) So if you go over there you will get what you need. Just bring some patience with you.

Ace is THE place! Thanks Carlos and Pedro for all your assistance in our screen printing supplies and equipment. If you have questions or concerns, always helpful and very patient. You have earned our thanks and our loyalty. Jo Iron Worker Apparel

Whole team is awesome. Always willing to help on site or over phone. Carlos is a really good employee

This was once the place I would always go to. Although I was never 100% satisfied with their products (inks, emulsion, screen cleaner), I still went because the good services. My last visit was a absolute nightmare. I will not go into detail but I lost all respect for this place and all the people who work there. I will pay a little more at McLogan but get better products and better service.

Great help from these guys as joey mentioned, they are more than willing to help, it is a drive away from me but i chose to go there all the time and even though i show up at the very last closing minute, they still take their time in helping me out with product. right around the corner from logans, but i wil pick ace anytime. as a bonus theres a t shirt warehouse literally right next door, hit them both at once.

Competitive pricing and turn around. These guys are always courteous, professional and helpful. One aspect of their business that could do with improvement is the separate film printing service that is onsite. Although she is very knowledgable at what she does and I am always happy with her films, I wish that she would receive artwork via email as this would expedite the process. Also she only takes payment in cash and it would be MUCH more convenient and helpful in tracking the expense if she accepted debit or credit card. The screen service does accept cards.

GREAT PLACE! Always enjoy going to Ace great prices everything you need and when asking a question you get a answer with no attitude. Sammy Lee Is a great help as well. All your film printing needs with great prices... Keep up the good work ACE MR.Woo

did the job i needed to get done.. brought my AI file. they made the emulsion and i was out of there. friendly and informative

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