Screen Printing Machine for t-shirts

November 30, 2020
4 color 4 station t-shirts

You wake up on a Saturday morning, stumble across the bedroom to your closet, and fumble through the hangers in search of the most comfortable garment to pair with your favorite pair of jeans. Everybody wears T-shirts, which is why a T-shirt printer is an excellent investment as a marketing tool or as the foundation of a fashion business. Digital printers offer the easiest method for transferring designs to T-shirt material and they allow you to create intricate designs, while heat transfer machines are faster. A screen T-shirt printer works best for light-colored ink on dark T-shirts or for designs that require vibrant colors. Some printers use five or more colors, while others print in only one or two. Choose a model that comes with a start-up kit to reduce initial costs and to start designing right away. Pay attention to the brand name, however, if you purchase the machine and materials separately. For example, a Brother printer might require Brother ink and transfer paper rather than generic supplies. The large inventory on eBay provides plenty of options, from single Canon printers to five-in-one machines that reduce the amount of space your equipment occupies at home or in the office. Once you collect the necessary equipment, let creativity take over.

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