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August 31, 2022
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Inkcups Now (ICN) offers diverse and reliable Equipment for Specialty Printing to such industries as Promotional Products, Tagless T-shirts and other garments, Electronic and Medical Devices, Sporting Goods and Automotive Parts. We have five major equipment lines:
We offer a full range of pad printing machinery, t-shirt printing equipment, screen printing, inkjet printing and laser engraving euqipment to solve any printing problem and to help increase productivity at a fair and reasonable cost. Contact our experienced technical sales team for a reliable specialty printing equipment recommendation that is sure to meet your requirements. We have designed, built, sold and installed printing and engraving equipment for over 20 years and we will stand behind every machine we sell.

Breakthrough Equipment

Industrial Inkjet Printers
Inkcups Now has been working on tailoring inkjet printing equipment to the needs of the Promotional Product and Industrial Printing industries. Check out our lines of industrial UV LED Inkjet Printing Equipment, Solvent and Edible Ink Inkjet Printing Equipment.

Clothing Tag Printing
Inkcups Now has been on the front line of adjusting pad printing machinery to the task of clothing tag printing and promoting this cost-saving method over heat transfer. We have installed thousands of garment label printer machines in Central America, North America and overseas, helping apparel manufacturing companies to cut costs, increase the durability of care labels, meet regulations as well as consumer expectations. We will be happy to consult your company on garment pad printing and, for starters, assist with cost-benefit analysis - contact your closest Inkcups Now location!

Laser Plate Making
Laser Plate Making (also called Computer-to-Plate) is a relatively new technology for the pad printing equipment industry. Inkcups Now engineers were the first to recognize the benefits of Laser Plate Making, such as enhanced plate quality and speedy production with totally repeatable results. ICN pioneered the field and has maintained a leading position in it. Check out the Cobalt laser systems - robust YAG and CO2 lasers tailored to both laser marking and plate making. We also developed and patented a number of Laser Engravable pad printing plate materials - the most comprehensive line on today's pad printing market.

Technical Support is Key

Specialty Printing can be technologically tricky. We focus on helping our customers succeed so that we can grow, too.

All equipment comes with free training at Inkcups Now Headquarters and unlimited phone support thereafter. We employ and treasure many of the very best professionals in the pad printing, tagless garment printing, inkjet printing, screen printing industries - and they are available to you for consultations, test-printing, training and service visits.

Equipment Warranty

All Inkcups Now equipment comes with 1-year warranty of parts and worksmanship as well as unlimited phone techical support. Inkcup Care - a worry-free warranty is available for purchase for select products such as the XJET conveyorized inkjet printer. Ask your regional ICN sales person for details.

Equipment Sales & Leasing

Inkcups Now is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. We have sales and tech support offices in several US states, in Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala as well as warehouses in Italy, China, Hong Kong. We also have representatives in the Caribbean, South America and other regions. (If your company is interested in becoming a representative, please contact Paul Stunk, Sales Manager at
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