Screen Printing equipment Canada

October 8, 2018

These are a few of the items we carry. Please browse our web-site and discover many more screen printing products that we offer at Screentec

To SERVICE our customers even more efficiently, Screentec is now providing our customers with

Screentec Corporation offers ultimate SERVICE to our customers starting with a very knowledgeable and courteous order desk. We supply to all screen printers. Whether you print circuit boards or t-shirts, containers or billboards, DVDs or architectural glass, and virtually everything in-between, Screentec can supply you with all the products that you need to print efficiently and cost effectively. Presently, we have four people on our order desk ready to assist you in a professional manner with screens, orders, questions or delivery inquiries that you may have.

Screentec Corporation prides itself on having the most comprehensive SCREEN STRETCHING DEPARTMENT in Canada. We manufacture aluminum frames to any size you require and stock ready-to-ship screens in select sizes for your convenience. Since most of our stretching staff has been with us for over twenty years you can rely on our EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE to give you the quality and precision screen that you EXPECT. Our dedicated shipping department has developed secure packaging methods enabling Screentec toSERVICE all of Canada with any type and size of screen required.

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