Silk Screen logo Printing

August 26, 2022
WonderHowTo Printmaking

Silk screening, also known as screen-printing or serigraphy, is a printing technique that involves passing ink through a porous fabric, thus creating a sharp-edged single-color image created from a stencil.

Protocase completes the task of manufacturing fully finished, quality enclosures by offering silk-screening, a process that provides required labeling for connectors, switches, ports, etc., along with adding special graphics such a company logos, product identifier graphics, etc.

Our silk-screening process utilizes the latest in screen preparation technology, as well as using durable epoxy based inks, ensuring a high resolution and quality finish. Protocase stocks a variety of standard colors, and can provide custom colors upon request.

Acceptable Graphic File Formats:


You can also include Graphics on your Solid works Models.

Please note: Saving a Raster image as any of the vector file formats will not create a vector graphic. You may need to contact the individual who created the graphic, in order to access the necessary files.

Raster (Non-Vector) (additional charges may apply)

Images such as company logos must be provided electronically. Faxed images will not provide sharp enough resolution for our process to replicate. If text-only screening is required, simply provide informations such as font type, font size, font color etc by fax or e-mail. Our tech support team will be happy to produce the required text-only screens.

Stocked Silk Screening colors

Below are the stocked silk screen colors we have. Protocase can provide custom silk screen colors upon request. Note: The color representations below may deviate from the actual color due to variations in browser software, video cards, and monitors

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