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September 24, 2017
Dry Material Separation

The machine handling industry is a diverse place where each machine has a specific job to do. These machines often work together to produce the end product. In a vast market, it’s not always easy to understand the part each machine plays in the bigger picture.

You have to know what it takes to break material down into sellable product, and screening equipment is a pivotal piece in that process. For the second part of our Equipment 101 series, we’ll explain how screening equipment works, where it fits into the machine handling process, and how Kemper can help. Read on for everything you need to know about screening equipment:

What is Screening Equipment?

Screening equipment is the machinery used during the mechanical screening processes, designed to separate one material from another. As the second part of the material handling process, screening equipment is used to separate raw material from a crusher or quarry into even finer grades, coming closer to an end product.

Depending on the application, screening equipment can stand alone. But when you pair screening equipment with a crusher, you create a full-circuit system. These systems work together to create a seamless material handling process. Although screens are used without crushers, a full circuit system is the most effective way to mine and separate materials to create something sellable in the marketplace.

How Does Screening Equipment Work?

Full circuit or single screening equipment machines can be built flat or on an incline. Each machine usually consists of an engine that creates the vibrations, screens that cause the particles to separate, and a catching area. After assembly, material is fed into the machine, moved over the screens, and separated with vibration. The separation process may be short, producing the desired end-product after just one run. But some screening processes are longer or more complicated, separating the materials into smaller and smaller particles after each run or at different points in the machine.

There are two types of screens, totally dependent on the raw material. Wet screens utilize spray nozzles and water along with screen vibration in the sorting process, while dry screens use vibration only. Screening equipment needs to match the project to ensure it can stand up to the job and function in the right environment.

How is Screening Equipment Used?

Material handling is diverse, lending itself to many different applications. Because of this, screening equipment is used commonly across multiple industries. Each application calls for a different type of screening machine. Some of the industries that use screening equipment are:

  • Mining
  • Aggregate Processing
  • Mineral Processing
  • Recycling
  • Farming & Agriculture

Although most screening equipment functions the same, each industry has its own use for these machines. Recycling plants use screening equipment to separate trash and compost from recyclable materials like glass and plastic.

The mining, aggregate and mineral processing industries are the biggest users of screening equipment. These are often used in quarries and mines. After raw material is harvested from the ground or crushed, it’s fed through screening equipment to prepare it for selling. The equipment can help prepare rocks for paving, salt for winterizing the roads, lime for a variety of industries, and so much more.

What Does Kemper Do?

Our committed teams recognize what you need for your project and are prepared to recommend what is going to work best for you. We won’t recommend something just to make a sale. We go much further by considering your needs and helping to design a real solution.

We specialize in screening equipment solutions for a variety of production goals. Our main focus is on providing machines and systems for the mining and mineral processing industries. The systems we build help to achieve the end goal of various materials, like:

  • Stone
  • Sand & Gravel
  • Lime
  • Fertilizer
  • Salt
  • Coal
  • Slag

Whether you need advice about a standalone screening machine, need portable screening or want a full circuit crusher and screening system, Kemper will consult with you to find the right screening equipment for your job. We work to optimize plant flow and design systems for maximum efficiency. Our team even goes as far as installing and building the systems ourselves, making us a full-service material handling provider.

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