Shirt Stitching machine

November 29, 2017
T-shirt Toy Sewing Machine
  • Highly integrated automatic cuff blind stitching machine equipped with superior performance is developed by automatic technology and sewing process according to market demand. Such machine has a favorable effect and high efficiency; thereinto, the sewing effect and speed have reached the international advanced level.

    High-efficient working performance

    1.The system is able to sew the shirt cuff according to the shapes set in procedure which are divided into round angle, right angle and oblique angle. Once the user set corresponding parameters, the automatic cuff blind stitching machine can carry out a series of sewing actions and complete the material collection and stacking of sleeve pieces automatically.

    2.The system is equipped with waste cutter and waste collecting drum so as to ensure the tidy of working surface.

    Novel and unique device

    1.This system is highly automatic, intelligent and user-friendly with easy operation, stability and reliability.

    2.For multi-station sewing, the shape of cuff (round angle, right angle and oblique angle) can be set randomly, and the material will be automatically collected upon sewing completion so as to meet the production requirements.

    3.The adopted human machine interface of PROFACE touch screen and PLC control are reliable, durable, flexible and precise; the servo motor is adopted for movement parts to achieve stable operation, and the closed-loop control locates accurately.

    4.Automatic modulus changing function and quick changeover function are equipped; the collecting position of material can be positioned automatically; the sewing route may be generated automatically after introducing CAD curve.

    Production performance (eight-hour working system/day)

    1 person is operating 1 set: 4000 pieces (theoretical value for 8 hours)
    The labor of 2-3 persons can be saved by using an automatic machine.
    Varying along with the sewing condition (shape).


    Maximum sewing speed (needle/min) ≤2600
    Stitch length/mm 0.5-4
    Needle/mm DP×11#11-#14
    Cuff shape/mm Round angle, right angle and oblique angle
    Cuff length/mm 220-310
    Cuff width (max.) 75mm
    Cut edge width/mm
    Conveying direction of sewing Annular rotating conveyance
    Storage quantity of automatic process program 20 pieces
    Rated voltage/V 220V
    Operating air pressure/MPa 0.5
    Equipment dimension/mm 2000L×650W×1600H
    Equipment weight
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