Silkscreen screens

December 11, 2022
Silkscreen Screens

custom silkscreen layout guideConvert your original artwork - or artwork for which you have the legal rights to use* - into a silkscreen. Below we'll review the processes for submitting art, provide advice on file preparation and other helpful hints. Following the link to the convenient check-out process (connects you to PayPal) will complete the purchase transaction.

Please read information, requirements, restrictions and considerations below before purchasing

IMPORTANT *"Artwork" includes any artwork to which you have ownership or the proper copyrights to reproduce. During check-out you will be required to read and accept the Terms and Conditions for sale, which include a Hold Harmless Agreement and an Acknowledgement of Copyright statement.

For logos and artwork that you are using with permission: you will be required to submit documentation that details your usage rights.

57 BelAir smMayco reserves the right to reject images we deem inappropriate or of questionable copyright status.

IMPORTANT: After purchase is complete email files (JPEG or PDF only)
to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."

  • Acceptable file formats: JPEG or PDF - we can NOT accept Word docs
  • Artwork must be HIGH-RES: 300 dpi. Any artwork less than 300 dpi will produce pixelated screen images.
  • Maximum print area: Silkscreens are 12"H x 15"L. Printable area is 11" H x 14" L due to 1/2" margins

Artwork Considerations & Recommendations:

  • Margins: We recommend a ½" to 1" margin around each design element or image (our video on using SilkScreen Medium provides a good perspective on the importance of margins: .
  • Rescaling your images: scaling a higher resolution image to a smaller size will not reduce print quality, but scaling an image to a larger size WILL cause distortion and an inferior screen image.
  • One-Color screens: we do not offer 4-color separation screens at this time. Adding multiple colors to your design: we provide several techniques how to accomplish this on this site
  • Half-tone designs are acceptable.
  • Mayco Screens: we can scale up (or down) ANY images found on our screens. For example: expanding any animal image from the Woodland Animals screen from 3" to 6". Just indicate the product sku and the specific image in your email - no need to upload any image or file.
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