Tools And Equipment In Dressmaking

October 25, 2019
Sewing Tools & Equipment

Sewing is fun. Anyone can sew for personal use, as a hobby or for commercial purpose. Deciding to become a dressmaker will require you to have a basic knowledge about the different sewing kit, how to use and store them, so that you can easily find them when you want to use them.

These are some of the sewing equipment to be discussed: dressmaker's cutting tools, measuring equipment, pins and needles, threads and notions, tracing tools, furniture plus others.

Dressmaker's Cutting Tools

Cutting tools in dressmaking are used for cutting fabrics such as:

  • Dressmaking shears lower blade are used to cut fabric as it makes it easy for the fabric to lie flat as it being cut.
  • For snipping ends of threads, small sewing scissors are used
  • Pinking shears are used to cut fray resistant and zig-zag edge. Pinking shears can also be used to finish seams and fabric raw edges. As the pinking shears cannot be sharpened, it should never be used to cut out paper patterns that can blunt the blades.
  • Seam ripper is used to pick out threads, cut seams open, and as it is very sharp, it can be used to slash machine buttonholes. Always keep the seam ripper inside its protective case when you are not using it.
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