Sewing machine tools and their uses

August 18, 2022
Hand sewing needles: Get a

This list of 10 essential sewing tools is full of great information! Every home sewist should have these!After sewing avidly for a number of years, I have found myself reaching again and again for the same essential tools that make any sewing project easier. Today, I’ve compiled my top 10 essential sewing tools to pass this information along to you.

Did you receive a new sewing machine recently, and are wondering what exactly you need to get started creating magic with your new toy? Or do you have a machine that has languished for years in a box at the back of a closet, simply because you don’t know where to begin? Or, you simply want to learn more about sewing so you can improve the quality of your projects and get more enjoyment out of the process? If any of these applies to you, my list today is truly a must-read, because the items I’ve included will make any sewing project–no matter your skill level–easier and more enjoyable!

A Good Iron

More than anything, I firmly believe that pressing projects is one of the most surefire ways to ensure the best possible results in finished projects! For that reason, the first purchase I recommend anyone to make once they are the proud owner of a sewing machine is an iron to use specifically for sewing projects. Select one that isn’t too heavy, and that feels comfortable in your hand. Depending upon personal preference, you can select one with an automatic turn-off (great for homes with children and pets), or one without that feature. Because a “good iron” is such a subjective concept, the perfect iron for your needs doesn’t have to cost a fortune. My favorite iron to date was actually a very inexpensive little that we received when we got married. That iron lasted through nearly five years of consistent use before it finally gave out!

One last note about irons: no matter how pure the water source (or even if it’s bottled purified water), I recommend against ever filling the iron with water for steaming, even if the instruction manual says you can do so. The same steaming effect can be better accomplished with a simple spray bottle, and it will insure the longevity of your iron for years to come!

Shears Used ONLY for Cutting Fabric

I have mentioned before that my mom is an accomplished sewist, and I can recall so vividly as a child being admonished by her any time I made an attempt to use her sewing shears for cutting construction paper. Now, of course, I am the mama getting onto my kiddos for doing the same. 🙂 Truly, any sewist should have a pair of shears used solely for sewing projects to prevent the blades from becoming dulled and thus damaging fabrics as they are cut. I recently received a pair of that I absolutely love, and they happen to be extremely affordable (less than $20!). Cutting through multiple layers of fabric with these is as easy as can be, and the handle is extremely comfortable.

Retractable Tape Measure

Admittedly, these are pricier than standard tape measures, but it is well worth the investment to save the hassle of having to roll and re-roll with each use! I have and I really like it.

Large Cutting Mat

If, like me, you don’t have a dedicated space for cutting out projects in your home, a large cutting mat is essential. I use my mat almost daily to protect my kitchen countertops from getting scratched as I make my cuts. There are many different varieties of cutting mats available, but I really love my . At 36×72 inches, it is ample for just about any project (including home decor projects), and I love that it folds up neatly for easy storage.

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