Us Sewing machine Company

October 28, 2022
U S Sewing Machine - Sewing

By 1869 they were producing lockstitch, overseaming and button hole machines and in 1873 the American Buttonhole and Overseaming Company.

The company were still listing patents in 1882 as The American Buttonhole, Overseaming and Sewing Machine Company of Pennsylvania. Then they became the American B-HO & Sewing Machine Co. and finally they changed to The American Sewing Machine Co.

The American Sewing Machine Co

It was not long before the American Sewing Machine Co produced a normal sewing machine called the New American Sewing Machine.

The American Buttonhole & Sewing Machine Co

The American Sewing Machine Co produced a range of attractive and practical sewing machines right up until the later part of the Victorian period. Their range included the Improved American and the High-Arm American, industrial, boot and leather machines. My personal joy is the New American Model 6 hand crank. These are quite rare as most of the machines were treadle not hand.

The American Sewing Machine of 1873

This is the best of the American Sewing Machine range the model 6 and 7

The American Sewing Machine Co exported to Europe and sold machines through agents such as Newton Wilson in London. Apparently the Company had their own offices and storage at Queen Victoria Street, London.

Smithsonian Production Numbers

1-7792 1869

7793 - 22366 1870

22367 - 42488 1871

42489 - 61419 1872

61420 - 75602 1873

75603 - 89132 1874

89133 - 103539 1875

103540 - 121477 1876

What is a dream on the American Sewing Machine model 6 is the fact that they used a shuttle but it took a round bobbin. It was a sort of mix between two cultures the best of both and it worked a treat. People who have used the American Sewing Machine say it sewed a near perfect seam.

An American Sewing Machine still a looker even with hardly any gold left. Imagine what it would have looked like when new.

You have to be a bit careful as there were several companies using the American on their sewing machines such as Goodrich, National, Weir and New Home. Several were available from the giant Sears mail order company of North America. Even James Weir advertised one of his models as the American Hand Sewing Machine.

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I am sewing machine technician in South Africa and enjoy reading your pages. You sir have made me proud to be a mechanic. I originally I wanted to be a motor mechanic but could not get a job now I am content.

Thanks once again.
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I am thrilled to have discovered your web site – what a wealth of knowledge, history, and trivia.

Thanks so much.
Rebecca Grace

Daniel Furber Nichols was my Great Uncle.
Many thanks for your site which provides much useful information.
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Note: Mark provided some great information about D F Nichols for this page. Many thanks Mark.

As a new collector I have found your site has increased my knowledge in a short time to a degree that I couldn't have imagined.
Thank you again for all the useful information you give freely to us.

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