First Sewing machine ever made

September 20, 2022
The Sleath Lockstitch made by

Who invented the first American sewing machine?
Elias Howe invented the first American sewing machine in 1846.

What was it used for?
It was used for fixing clothes at a factory use, and on production lines.

When was it invented?
The sewing machine was created in September 10, 1846.

Why was it invented?
The sewing machine was used for making blankets, and clothing .It made sewing much easier, and faster. It used to be done by hand.

Where was the first American sewing machine made?
The American sewing machine was made the town of New Hartford, Connecticut .

How did the sewing machine work?
The sewing machine worked by first putting the thread around the wheel .Then putting the thread in the tube to make clothing by pushing the pedal with their foot.

The first American sewing machine is the greatest invention ever. The sewing machine fixes clothes and makes blankets. It also made life easier instead of by hand, and not spending that much time on something That's why I think the first American sewing machine is the greatest invention ever .

The first American sewing machine stitched 250 stitches a minute .
There were two other inventors Isaac Singer, and Allen Wilson .Elias fought a legal battle against them to be sure he was recognized as the inventor .

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