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April 22, 2018
Hydraulic firefighter cutting
Imer Tile and Stone Saw- 250/1000VA
  • $1, 849.00

    Shipping: Free

    The Imer 250/1000VA has a powerful 1-3/4hp 110v motor, a 40” max cut, a laser guide, and tilts to 45 degrees.

  • $1, 049.00

    10" 1.5hp wet tile saw with a precision cart and rail system that yields perfectly straight cuts. Max cut depth 2.75" and maximum cutting length of 28".

  • $3, 299.00

    The Imer 350/1200 iPower is a portable production grade saw that can rip 48" and up to 4" deep. It has a 4 hp motor combined with a laser guide ensuring accurate and fast cuts.

  • Husqvarna TS 60 Tile Saw , 399.00

    The MK-212-6 has a fully enclosed 2 hp motor with large cutting capacity, yet is still portable. Plunge cut capability, with tilting head.

  • $52.00

    Shipping: Standard

    The 518200 Little Giant PE-1 is a great replacement tile saw pump and features a 15v motor with a 6' cord and pumps 170 gph at 1 ft.

  • $1, 379.00

    The MK-1590 has a 130" length of cut, a tilting head for precise 45º miter cuts up to 2-1/4" deep, and an adjustable height plunge-cutting head.

  • $2, 499.00

    Imer Combi 350/1200 IPower Stone Saw The New Imer 250/1500VA has a powerful 1-3/4hp 110v motor, a 57" (60” plunge cut) max cut, a laser guide, and tilts to 45 degrees.

  • $13, 125.76

    The Weha Achilli AFR 300 A-ZM is designed for multiple cutting styles on large stone slab and tile and features a 120" length of cut with 14" blade capacity and a powerful 5.5HP motor.

  • $7, 650.00

    The Weha Achilli AFR 300 C is designed for wet cutting stone slab and tile, and features a manual bridge tilt from 90° to 45° for bevel cutting. (Blade capacity 10"-14" with a 4" max depth of cut)

  • $1, 880.00

    The Achilli AMS 100 is a production grade bench tile saw with a strong 3 HP motor and features a 40" length of cut with 45 degree manual bevel adjustment and a 12" blade capacity.

  • $2, 180.00

    Strong 3 HP motor, 12" blade capacity, 52" length of cut, and a 45° manual bevel adjustment in which the saw head tilts with the entire beam to guarantee accuracy when miter cutting.

  • $4, 120.00

    The Achilli ANR 200 is a production grade tile and stone saw featuring a strong 3 HP motor for fast, accurate cutting, s water tank reservoir with recycling pump, a max cut length of 78", and a 12" blade capacity.

  • $27, 235.00

    The Achilli MSA Bridge Saw is a production facility saw that is designed to make precise 45 degree miter cuts and features a variable speed 7.5 HP motor, a max. cut length of 129", and a 16" blade capacity.

  • $3, 708.00

    Designed for cutting granite and natural and engineered stone slabs. 3 HP 220 V single phase motor, rubber lined galvanized steel saw rails, and a 14" blade capacity.

  • $2, 099.00

    The Achilli TAG 130 is designed for cutting natural stone, terra cotta tile, and glass and features a 220 V single phase 3 HP motor, 51" length of cut with 45° manual bevel adjustment, and 14” blade capacity.

MK Diamond MK-212-6 MK-1590 Rail Saw - 166105 Imer Combi 250/1500VA Weha Achilli AFR 300 A-ZM Bridge Saw 14400
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