Tri State coating and Machine

July 21, 2020
Tri-State Coating and Machine

Tri-State Powder Coating, LLC, located in Evansville, IN, is a full service powder coating job shop serving the Tri-State area (Southern Indiana, Eastern Illinois, and Western Kentucky) including the cities of Evansville, Jasper, Princeton, IN and Henderson, Owensboro, KY.

We complete a wide variety of coating jobs for commercial and residential customers. TPC can handle product sizes from 8’x8’x25’ all the way down to nuts and bolts.

Three main product categories are:

Residential/Walk In Business – Many folks come to TPC in order to spruce up their personal property! Common powder coated items include patio furniture, car parts/frames, ATV and Motorcycle parts/frames, wheels, wrought iron railing/fencing, gliders and more! Anything metal can be coated and protected from the environment.

Industrial – Our customers here include metal working, metal stamping, iron working, machining, engineering, electric, and even medical companies. Many of these projects we refer to as widgets as we never know or see how they are used in their final state. As long as it is metal, we can coat it! Our largest project has come from this segment; a 6’x6’x11’ steel cage that weighed over 2600 lbs.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) – This customer set spans many industries from furniture and trucking companies to a highly specialized extractor machine manufacturer. TPC will work with each company to ensure coating requirements are met for quality, assembly, packaging and shipping; making it easy and simple for you to partner with TPC!

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