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September 1, 2020
Embroidery Industrial

There’s no one answer to “what’s the right embroidery machine for my business?” or “which one should I buy?” The answer will be different if you are just getting started in the embroidery business, adding a machine to your shop or looking for the right equipment to expand your production.

Start up embroidery businesses typically begins operating their shop out of the home with a single-head embroidery machine. This home-based business affords you the opportunity to work the hours that are right for you and keep your overhead costs low. Creating a business plan can help you decide whether you want to get into the monogram business, screen printing business, T-shirt printing business, commercial embroidery business or an internet only shop.

The average embroidery business start up begins with a 15 needle single head machine because of their low entry price and the ability to do most small and large projects. The 1501C has the advantage of a very small footprint, so it’s especially convenient for a home office environment.

Single head equipment is usually perfect for the start-up embroiderer, however you must also look at the niche you are deciding to pursue. Will the volume require a single-head, 2 head, 4 head, 6 head or an even larger industrial embroidery machine? Or will you need 2 or more single heads?

Compare Embroidery Machine Reviews

ColDesi’s SWF Embroidery Machines have outstanding reviews. Even though we have the the best prices in the industry, it's the support, training and service that keeps our customers loyal. You can see by our Customer Success Stories how many of them are happy and successful doing business with SWF and Stitch It International!

Buying New Vs Used

When evaluating your apparel decorating business objectives and needs, there is no more common a question than "Should I buy a new or used piece of embroidery equipment". If you’re just looking at price, it would be easy to decide to buy a used commercial machine because it will definitely cost less than a new one. Or should you consider a new embroidery machine because it has a warranty, start up supplies, newer features, and you don’t have to worry about how it was maintained.

The following offers a little insight into both sides of the New Versus Used Embroidery Machine debate.

When does buying a used make sense?

There are many factors to consider when buying used embroidery equipment, let’s take a look at just a few.

  • How old is the equipment you are interested in?
  • Are there new or used parts available in the market?
  • Do you currently own and operate an embroidery machine, same brand or maybe this is your first one?
  • Are you more or less mechanically inclined, will the machine be installed by a factory technician?
  • Is it still under factory warranty and if not is it being sold through an authorized agent of the brand?

After asking yourself these questions, you may consider purchasing a used machine from a private party, with no warranty or set-up. If you are already in the embroidery business and are more mechanically inclined than most, and you have a source for parts for the machine it may make good sense. Otherwise you can reduce your risks by buying from a company that sells the same brand new or has a good reputation for supporting what it sells, offers set-up as an option and can give you a meaningful warranty. In addition, you can reduce your risk further by buying a used embroidery machine that has been gone through and warranted by an authorized agent.

With the new equipment on the market today and easy-to-use digitizing software, creating designs and logos are easy. But producing high-quality, commercial designs that can be sold to anyone does take TRAINING. Training that is provided free online for Stitch It International customers!

How Can Stitch It International Make Purchasing Used Work For You?

Used embroidery machines for sale from Stitch It International are presented and advertised with integrity. We do not sell used Brother, used Barudan, used Happy, used Tajima or used Toyota machines because if we did we would be unable to properly service and support the equipment.

When you look at used or pre-owned machines on our site, you will see SWF embroidery machines only, all of which have been inspected and serviced by us and come with a warranty. When buying used, why choose a used SWF over other brands? One simple answer, Automatic Oiling System! SWF is one of the only manufacturers to offer this as standard equipment. Whether it's a single head or multi-head model, a used SWF machine will simply last longer than other brands due to the fact of consistent quality oiling.

In addition to that special oiling feature, SWF Used Machines can be purchased through Stitch It International with additional and optional warranties, software, designs and training as if purchased with a new machine.

Source: www.swfeast.com
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