Taiwan Textiles industry

May 10, 2019

The summary for the development of Taiwan’s Wool textile industry Taiwan is located in the subtropics, whose climate is mild and the average temperature is high with long summer and short winter. The weather feels like spring year-round, As to the topography, eastern Taiwan is mountainous, which is not suitable for raising sheep. Therefore Taiwan has bad environment to develop the wool textile industry. In fact, there is only one factory with 710 woolen and spinning spindles, the "Second Japanese Navy Blanket Factory" built in Japan-Occupation-Era during the year of 1945 when Taiwan was just restored from Japanese occupation. After 1945 Taiwan Industry and Mining Co. took it over and renamed it as “Taiwan Industry and Mining Co. Wang-Tian Wool Mill”, which put into production in May 1948 and was the first wool textile mill in Taiwan area. Although with the extremely weak foundation, our wool textile industry nowadays has the scale of 200 thousand worsted spinning spindles (and man-made fiber-mainly filament worsted spinning about 270 thousand spindles), about 68, 000 woolen spinning spindles, 1, 200 sets woolen loom, among which 70% are shuttle-less looms, 202 sets wool top combing machine, 5 sets carbonizing machine. The vertical integration production system includes the raw material manufacturing, spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing processing. It depends on the diligently work of our wool textile industry and the government’s effective industry policy so that Taiwan wool textile industry can reach the scale of nowadays from the "Impoverishment" of more than 40 year ago.

Source: www.wool.org.tw
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