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November 20, 2016
Textiles Initial Designs By

'The concepts, sentences and ideas were very clear and written in a student friendly way ... very good illustrations which are very appropriate and quite exciting. The case studies and interviews are excellent, giving students a broad look at the different aspects of textiles, also some really good quotes. One particular strength is the fact that the authors and interviewees all continually reiterate the value of drawing and solid research ... I did feel like picking up my sketchbook and starting to draw many times whilst reading.' - Tom Embleton Northbrook College, UK

'Useful and inspirational guide to textile design, outlining the importance of primary research as the key important first stage of the design process. Targeted well for first year students to introduce them to the fundamentals of sourcing and utilising visual information, through years two and three as visual and mental prompts and reminders of the value of developing wide ranging research techniques. The practical exercises are also useful in allowing students to evaluate their progress and the visuals provide the necessary stimulus to encourage more mixed media sketchbook work, always welcome. All in all an inspirational workbook.' - Sue Riley Basingstoke College of Technology, UK

'As a textile tutor I found this book extremely relevant. I am often asked by students for books I would recommend and until this came along, sadly there was nothing. This is an amazing teaching tool and for the first time I now have a remarkable book which clearly explains the process of how to research for textile print. By including information on where to look, how to start a sketchbook and how professional designers use sketchbooks to start, the designing process is made clear and concise.' -Dominique L'olive Central Saint Martins, UK

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