Art and Design Textiles

April 28, 2018
GCSE Art and Design Textiles

The Textiles program fosters textile art as an academic, artistic and professional endeavor. The program’s mission is the life-enhancing education of the professional artist and designer in the field of contemporary textiles.

Student Profile

Textiles program student interests are multi-faceted, impelled by the love for fibers and fabric design. These interests range from creative work as an artist producing woven and embellished fabrics and textile products, garments and costumes, to creating three-dimensional installations to be viewed as human environment. Textile program graduates develop skills and qualifications as textile designers, artists, and craftsmen, as well as a portfolio suitable for graduate school to continue with the study in the field.

Program Description

No portfolio is required for entrance into the School of Art & Design undergraduate program. Upon completing foundation-level work and introductory courses in the concentration area, prospective Textiles concentration majors apply for acceptance into the program with a portfolio, which is reviewed by the full-time faculty in the area.

Once accepted into the program, students in the Textiles program begin with basic textile design courses covering the broad scope of textile art in surface design and fibers processes, and advance to intermediate level in which students broaden their technical and artistic experience with modern medium and processes, including digital output. Students are then encouraged to direct their study into individual areas of interest, fine art, 2D design and 3D fiber and mix-media, culminating in Portfolio I & II capstone courses in which they execute a developed body of work suitable for senior exhibition, and professional portfolio presentation. The program is enhanced with professional studio visits, a variety of internship opportunities in the Atlanta area textile industries and museums, and the Visiting Artist/Designer lecture series sponsored by the School of Art and Design and Art Student Union.

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