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November 14, 2016
Cream base vintage design

Drawing and painting are essential skills to master for textile design. Whether you want to start a career in textile design or improve your techniques, this course is for you. We will concentrate on the fundamental drawing and painting techniques you need to create great textiles as well compelling surface design and fabric design.

The course is project based and encourages the development of ideas, experimentation and creative approaches to Fashion Design and Textile Design, which underpin and define the spirit of fashion study at Central Saints Martins. You will learn how to develop your ideas, and how to develop your research drawings into design for textiles.

Although this course is being taught online, we won’t be teaching software to create initial designs.

Week by week, you will be introduced to techniques for the creation and development of design ideas for textiles. You will complete a weekly task which will be reviewed during the live sessions, and participate in group exercises to consolidate your views and aspirations while being enriched by a mix of cultures and creative talents. You will learn about fundamental techniques used by textile artists in the industry and higher education.

Topics covered:

• How to do a visual research

• Creating a textile print

• Develop a textile design

• Painting on fabric

• Designing patterns

• Fabric painting

• Custom printed fabric

• Palette and colours

• Using ground

• Flower and leaf motif

• Stamp and stencils

• Patterns and layouts

• Designing a collection

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course you will have gained a good understanding of Textile Design on a practical level. You will be able to source and conduct visual research, use of variety of paint and drawing techniques to create a textile print, and demonstrate an understanding of how to develop a textile design from initial idea through to finished concept. You will also have learned how to communicate and present your work, as well as proven your design and creative ability through a body of work that can contribute to the building of a portfolio and prepare you for the industry and further studies.

Who should attend:

Amateur, textile artists and textile designers who want to improve their drawing and painting skills and techniques and apply them to textiles and surface design.

Source: www.arts.ac.uk
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