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September 11, 2016
Drapery Fabric: A fabric described solely as drapery fabric is usually lighter weight and is not suitable for upholstery projects.

Upholstery Fabric: If a fabric is described as only "upholstery", that particular fabric is extra heavy weight and / or thick and is not suitable for common drapery uses.

Upholstery or Heavy Weight Drapery Fabric: When you find this term in a description, this means that this particular fabric is most suitable for upholstery use because of its weight and texture, but it is also suitable for many drapery uses depending on your project. If a fabric is described as upholstery or heavy weight drapery, it should not be used for projects requiring gathers or a more slinky texture.

Drapery or Light Weight Upholstery Fabric: Fabrics using this description should only be used as upholstery when extreme wear will not be an issue. If your project is just for looks and will get very little traffic, a drapery or light weight upholstery fabric will work just fine.

Medium Weight Upholstery or Medium Weight Drapery Fabric: Now this is a tough category and only a few fabrics will have this description. If you find one of these fabrics, it means that the weight, texture, and all other aspects of this fabric will work great for almost any drapery or upholstery use. However, these uses will exclude any project requiring a light weight drapery or a very heavy weight upholstery.

Tapestry Fabric: Tapestry can be used anywhere an upholstery fabric would be used as well as for many projects that are suitable for heavy weight drapery use.

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