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April 27, 2016
Trentino Fabrics

Lori Reagle, Art Director, and Stacy Senior Allan, Marketing Director, have designed together for nearly 20 years.

Our design and marketing staff collaborate as a team to respond to the directions and tastes of the upper-end interior design market. Our Art Director, Lori Reagle, has led the Thibaut studio for 30 years. Stacy Senior Allan, Thibaut’s Marketing Director, is an integral part of product development. Together they bring vision from the forefront of design and combine it with the lifestyle of today’s home-owner. The result is fashion forward product that is approachable for designers and their clients, and easy for anyone to love.

Our studio uses a variety of methods to create unique and exclusive designs. Patterns may originate from an antique document, personal sketch, or commissioned artwork. Inspiration comes from everything we do—personal travel and industry events, art, and nature found in our everyday lives. Whether we use state-of-the-art technology or simple hand painting techniques, each design comes to life with a special Thibaut look. The key to our success is vision and collaboration that goes into every product we release. Clients are always excited for each new Thibaut collection.

Thibaut is renowned for its stunning use of color. We are always experimenting to present new ideas in a fresh and innovative manner. Our color spectrum ranges from light and bright palettes, to rich and warm traditionals, and subtle, sophisticated neutrals. Color is the hallmark of Thibaut’s long lasting collections.

Since we are not limited by the capabilities of our own manufacturing facility, the design team can choose from a myriad of printing and weaving techniques and mills to best interpret any pattern. While we produce innovative product from diverse manufacturers around the world, Thibaut is committed to sourcing our fabrics and wallcovering domestically whenever possible. More than 80% of Thibaut’s products are made in the USA.

Source: www.thibautdesign.com
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