Textile motifs Designs

March 24, 2016

A motif fabric is a textile with a pattern or graphic design, sometimes using contrasting shades, colors or textures. It can be used to add interest to a space. A translucent version may allow light to pass through in intriguing ways. On ArchiExpo, this material is categorized by properties including type of fabric or function.


Such textiles are used in many different applications including upholstery, curtains or even as space dividers. They not only add visual interest to a room, but also hide marks or stains better than plain fabrics, a significant advantage in bars, hotels and other high-traffic areas.


The motif is created by different methods including silk screen printing and hand printing. Popular fabrics include cotton, wool and silk.

How to choose

Determine whether the pattern will stand out or blend in with existing decor. Consider how much surface the motif will cover. If it occupies a large area, it draws the eye more readily. For example, a motif fabric covering a large table will have more visual impact than the same fabric used to upholster a dining room chair.

Source: www.archiexpo.com
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