Garment Sewing

August 29, 2022
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How do you get there? What choices do you make? How do to this better? It's always an interesting read.
The Queen of Art to Wear sewists. Her blog is an orgy of garments that use unusual fabrics, different sewing techniques and those Vogue patterns that she designs.
Fashion Bloggers ~
I follow three and only three true fashion bloggers. I like them because they are concise, to the point and give me 3 or 4 good pictures of their outfits. I'm not hammered over the head with their looks. These are the three I follow...

Your choices ~
Now if you've made it this far, here is your opportunity to tell me what blogs you like. What are your go to blogs - the ones you can't do without!?!
Here's the criteria ~

  • Please do not list a blog that's already been included in this post.
  • Also there's no need to list mine, I mean you're here reading so obviously you like mine.
  • List your top five with the designation if they are a sewing blog, a fashion blog, vintage, art to wear or other by using the letter designation below.

S - sewing blog

F - fashion blog

V - vintage

A - Art to Wear

O - other

You have until Friday, February 21st to submit your choices. I will close the comments that evening, compile the list and

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